World Map Interface

The Battle of 3 Kingdoms World Interface has a 2.5D checkerboard grid design. The whole world is represented as grid composed of large squares. The length and width of the world are 509 grids each, each cell has its own coordinates: from [0,0] to [509,509].

The players can view information for each cell in the World Interface by clicking on each one of them. Once a player creates a character the game will be randomly give the player as pot in the world map. The distance between the grids will affect the player’s operation of transportation and trading.

In addition to the players building their own city most of the outside terrain is divided into different types. Different levels of wild troops are scattered across the map which players can attack and gain fame.

On the World Interface you can control the view by clicking on the direction arrows. Clicking on a direction button will move half of the screen to that direction. Players can also enter coordinates to position the screen directly.