How to get your Newbie Code?

Step 1: Post "I am ready to build my Kingdom!" with your Character Name and Server in the Official Battle of 3 Kingdoms Facebook Fan Page .

Newbie Code 1

Step 2: A GM will reply to your post with a Newbie Code.

How to Activate your Newbie Code?

Step 1: To activate your Newbie Code click on the 4fc5e413f22f4 button next to the chat window.

Step 2: Click on the Activate Newbie Card button.

Step 3: Enter your Newbie Code on the space provided.

Step 4: Click on the Activate button.

Newbie Code 2

Step 5: Upon activation a pop up window will appear showing the items that you received. Click on Ok to bring you back to the game.

Newbie Code 3

You will receive the following items after you use a Newbie Code:

1 Red Gift Box

1 Const. Sketch

1 Tech Sketch

1 Calming Pill

1 Cease War (S)

1 Architecture

1 Broadcast Token