While working on the Newbie Quests here are a couple of useful hints to help you along.

  1. DO NOT BUILD YOUR CITADEL PAST 14!!! I cannot stress this enough. Once your Citidel hits 15 you are automatically removed from Newbie Protection!
  2. make sure to level Zhou Yu if when you can spare the cash. Remembering your daily bonus and the Kong Ming question quests will help you keep you gold high enough to level him. Also, any items you can to help speed the process.
  3. Build a Lab, level it and Infantry until you unlock Cavalry Skills. Level that up to ten as fast as you can.
  4. Once you get Cavalry Skills up to 10 start working on Knights.
  5. Build a Barracks and level it up to 15.
  6. Rotate your military researches between Cavalry Skills, Knights and once it's unlocked Silver Armor.
  7. Keep the number of generals you have fairly low. You don't want to waste gold in the begining trying to level too many generals.
  8. Make sure you use your attack tokens every day and try to do the "war battles" each day. it may take a while to get a good group but the fame is worth it. Slowly start attacking the stronger units as you unlock cavalry and then knights.
  9. When you have the chance build a Pavalion and level it up to 2 so you can create a second city.
  10. With your second lab focus on the general researches such as scout, plunder and medicine. Also, make sure you build a barracks and a tavern. keep an eye open for a few good generals for this city.
  11. make sure before you protection is up you have medicine researched and medical huts in both cities. this will raise you revive rate after battle and save you on resources.
  12. the other buildings you level decide on your play style. I would definitely recommend the following : Garden, Ministerial, Trade Chambers and Storage. Also, I try to have three level 10 Quarry Farm and Lumber Mills buit. If you start to exceed you cap on resources you can sell off the extra for more gold.

I hope these tips help. this should give you a comfotable start and a decent army to grind on different NPC's. Any additions and suggestions are always aprpeciated and happy gaming!

Macavele 15:19, July 21, 2012 (UTC)