How Many Candles? GuanYu was reading “ChunQiu” in his residence at night, 20 candles were lit. 3 candles were blown out then 2 more later. To prevent the candles from being blown out, the doors and windows were closed. None of candles were blown out thereafter. How many candles were left eventually? 5
Reward In early years before revolting, LiuBei and ZhangFei wove shoes to make a living. One day, LiuBei and ZhangFei were requested to weave 100 pairs of shoes respectively. ZhangFei used an hour to weave a pair of shoes which were 3 times faster than LiuBei. The landlord prepared 100 silver ingot. How much should LiuBei receive? 50
Medicine Bottle HuaTuo worked as a doctor for years. He discovered a type of virus which grew very fast. Putting a virus in a bottle, it would replicate fast through binary fission: 1 virus will become 2 in 1 minute, 2 will become 4 the next minute. The bottle would be fully occupied by viruses in an hour. How long (minute) did it take to fully occupied the bottle if there're 2 viruses? 59
Horse Stealing One day, SunQuan lost a few good horses. The soldiers caught 5 suspects. The following were their testimonies:

ZhangSan: 1/5 suspects lied. LiSi: 2/5 suspects lied. WangEr: 3/5 suspects lied. HuEr: 4/5 suspects lied. DingWu: All 5 suspects lied. SunQuan had to release the one who spoke the truth. Therefore, how many suspects should be released?

Umbrellas LiuBei, GuanYu and ZhangFei were close brothers. They often took their own umbrellas in JingZhou due to frequent rain, the umbrellas were put in a bucket after use. Due to the umbrellas' position, names on the umbrellas were unseen.

If they pick an umbrella randomly, what's the probability that 2 out of 3 among them picked the right umbrella? (Please enter a number to indicate the probability.e.g.: 5 for 5%)

Justify Act CaoCao led the ruined army to escape when he was defeated by ZhouYu, he was repeatedly ambushed by ZhuGeLiang. Hence, CaoCao lost 1/6 of all the army the first. 1/5 of the army the second, 1/4 the third, then 1/3, and 1/2. Eventually CaoCao and the remaining army were released by GuanYu, who was indebted to CaoCao at HuaRong Passage. Here's the question: Among CaoCao 's posible army size, what could be the least number of people in the army? 6
Messenger In three kingdoms era, military orders should convey through a messenger to the armies in various camps by riding a horse. After LiuBei occupied JingZhou, he ordered GuanYu to attack ChangSha. GuanYu appointed an assistant to convey to 7 messengers. One minute was needed and only one person would receive the order. What was the shortest time required to convey to all the messengers? 3
Pears Distribution KongRong was clever and known as prodigy. One day, his father asked KongRong and his brother to choose pears from a tray. Then, his brother said: ”I'd pass a pear from my portion to KongRong in order to have equal share. ”KongRong said: ”I should pass 2 pears to brother, so it would be 3 times of mine”. How many pears did they take each? How many pears were there altogether? (Please indicate the total number of pears on the tray) 12
Cat And Rat CaoCao was leading troops to north and south. Rats were found in the granary. CaoCao was vexed, hence he kept some cats to get rid of the rats. Question: 5 cats could catch 5 rats in 5 minutes. According to this rate, 100 rats must all be caught within 100 minutes, how many cats were needed? 5
Vote Count The emperor asked 40 officers to vote among themsleves to choose a city magistrate. 3 candidates had a poor relationship with others who were included in the 40 officers. The one that obtained the most votes would become magistrate. They had to cast one by one, abstained from voting and invalid votes were disallowed. How many votes needed as confirmation to be the magistrate? 20
Wooden Cart ZhugeLiang invented a wooden cart to solved the food transportation problem. However, the wooden cart couldn't stop if it's activated, which was similar to the clock winding mechanism: it will stop automatically at stipulated distance. Thus, ZhuGeLiang set 4 options: 3km, 5km, 7km and 11km. One day, ZhuGeLiang dispatched MaSu to send some food to ZhaoYun's camp that was 20 km away from the main camp. Question: How many times must MaSu activate the wooden cart at least in order to send the food? (Note: If wooden cart did not stop exactly at the camp, they would run out of the camp. ) 2
Shoe Selling LiuBei was selling shoes to make a living. A customer chose a pair of shoes that cost 30 silver ingot, with 50 silver ingot paid. LiuBei went to get smaller changes at the shop nearby as he had no change. He gave the small change to the customer. After a while, the shop owner nearby came and claimed that the 50 silver ingot was fake. LiuBei compensated him 50 silver ingot, but the customer had left with the shoes. Question, how much did LiuBei lose? 50
CaoChong's Age CaoCao's youngest son, CaoChong was extraordinarily intelligent since young. One day, an officer asked how old was CaoChong and he answered: “Well, the age gap between my parents was my age. In addition, my brother CaoZhi's age was twice as mine, 1/3 of mother's age. I needed 5 years to reach CaoZhi's age.”

Thus, did you know how old was CaoChong?”

Sunken Ship In the Red Cliff great war, CaoCao's battleship was on fire. It would sink in 20 minutes and there're 15 armies. There's a lifeboat which could take 5 people at a time and headed towards Red Cliff Harbour. CaoCao's army mainly were northern people that could not swim. But the lifeboat took 9 minutes back and forth.

Question: How many soldiers could the lifeboat save the most?

Tower The 8 storey Bronze Sparrow Tower was built by CaoCao. CaoCao's group went to the garret to enjoy the scenery, did some painting and composed poems. It took 48 seconds to get up from level 1-4. Thus, how many seconds did they take to get up from level 4-8? 64
Horserace LuBu loves horse-racing. He has over a hundred horses. LieYan, HanXie and Red Hare were 3 types of outstanding horses. The distance they could run in 1 minute respectively are: LieYan-2 rounds, HanXie-3 rounds, and Red Hare-4 rounds. These horses were raced together at the same starting line. How many minutes later will the 3 horses meet at the starting line again? 1
Hamsters It was said that XiaoQiao was fond of cute hamsters. So, ZhouYu decided to send hamsters to XiaoQiao to gain her favour. Question: Hamsters fertility was strong, they could give birth every month, 12 hamsters for every birth. The newborn becomes fertile and it could reproduce after 2 months. If a newborn hamster was given to XiaoQiao, how many hamsters would there be after a year? 1
Gifts Horse LiuBei was sent to XinYe by LiuBiao to guard JingZhou's gateway. In order to let LiuBei, GuanYu, ZhangFei and MiZhu to feel at ease, LiuBiao decided to send 4 horses with different speeds as gift. From JingZhou to XinYe, 4 horses respectively needed an hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours. However, LiuBiao's guard could only send 2 horses at once from XinYe to Province JingZhou. The horse with the faster speed had to match the horse with slower speed while traveling.

Question: What's the shortest time in hours needed to send all 4 horses to XinYe?

Sibling In the early years, SunQuan had a son and a daughter. Once, Minister ZhangZhao asked about their age, the younger brother said to the elder sister: “Deduct 2 years from my age and add it to my sister's age, she will be twice as old as I am. Sister said: “And from here if a year is deducted from my brother's age and add to my age I shall be three times older than him”? How old was the younger brother? 6
DiaoChan One day, DiaoChan being asked about birthday, she replied: ”I will be 22 the day after tomorrow, but last January I was still a teenager”. Please deduce DiaoChan's birthday according to the clues given. (Please answer as the following,e.g.: 808 as 8th August) 102
Judgment ZhouYu went shopping with his wife, XiaoQiao, they saw a pearl shop. The pearls were put in an exquisite box, the price of each box was 310 silver ingot. The pearls was 300 silver ingot higher than the box, in other words 310 silver ingot less the pearl price would be the box price. His wife loved the box, so ZhouYu decided to buy the box without pearls. He paid 100 silver ingot. Question: How much was the change? 95
Chronopher KongMing invented a Chronopher in order to unite the time computation, it's 12 hour system, and is accurate by the minutes. Noon and midnight were both recorded as 12:00. Chronopher minutes were represented by digital number, exactly the same as contemporary electronic watches, e.g.: 3:33.

Question: How many times three or more digits exactly the same would appear a day?

Consolation CaoCao saw a human-drive wooden waterwheel (similar to Ferris wheel). People drove the waterwheel to irrigate the farmland. It consisted of 10 pails and every pail arrived at water collection point every minute. CaoCao sent the army to get water. Question: Army began to turn the wheel from 11am onwards, operation was ceased after 30 minutes. How many pails of water did they get? 21
Eastwind ZhuGeLiang wanted to utilize the east wind to defeat CaoCao. He said: “It's better to destroy CaoCao with fire attack. Everything is ready, except east wind”. So he performed a ritual to borrow eastern wind, 4 people were invited to play mahjong, he prepared a set (137 mahjong card + 1 wild card), shuffled 3 times and displayed them, 4 players took turns in drawing the card. He said: “If you draw all the 4 eastern wind cards before the wild card, I'll be able to borrow the real eastern wind!”

Question: Before drawing the wild card, what's the possibility of drawing all 4 eastern wind cards? (Please indicate a number as the percentage as your answer, e.g.:3=3%)?

Literate Debate During the Red Cliff Battle, when CaoCao's army was approaching, argument within generals arose. ZhangZhao mediated the situation with a riddle:” From number 1 to 100, how many times does 【9】 occur?” The officials were complacent, ZhuGeLiang gently waved his fan and said a number, they're stunned and filled with admiration. What's the number? 20
Borrow Arrows ZhuGeLiang borrowed arrows across a 3 miles wide river using two boats. The big boat could carry 2000 arrows each time and needs 20 minutes to reach the pier. The small boat could only carry 1000 arrows each time, but only needs 10 minutes to return. They carried 7000 arrows continuously. Counting from the beginning, how many minutes did it took to transport all the arrows? 60
Mysterious Game LiuBei, GuanYu, ZhangFei are playing a game, if the opponents showed 2, it's better to show 0, if it's 4 better showed 0. If it's 5 should show 5, 7 should show 2, 10 should also show 2. You should know what game they are playing. If the opponents showed 0, what should be shown? 5
Brothers One day, CaoCao was strolling at his residence, he heard a coversation:

A:【I have 1 brother, 3 sisters.】 B:【I have 2 brothers, 2 sisters.】 C:【I have 3 brothers, 1 sister.】 They are siblings indeed. How many brothers and sisters did they have at least?"

ZhouYu Treats There's a day during Red Cliff Battle period, ZhouYu prepared a feast to thank LiuBei for being allies with SunQuan. The guests were seated with each other with equal distance at a round table. DaQiao and XiaoQiao were ladies amongst the guests, their neighbors and the one seated directly opposite them were different gender. How many guests were seated at the table? 5
Evaluation LiuBei was staying temporarily at CaoCao's place and he had a simple life. One day, CaoCao invited him for a drink at a pavilion.

LiuBei thought that his chronopher was 5 minutes slower, but it's actually 5 minutes faster. CaoCao thought his chronopher was 5 minutes faster, but it's actually 5 minutes slower. They referred to their own chronopher and reached the Pavilion at their imagined stipulated time. How many minutes earlier would LiuBei arrive before CaoCao?

Day Since LuBu met DiaoChan, he fell deeply in love with her. However, DiaoChan felt that LuBu was courageous but imprudent. She rejected him and sent a riddle to test LuBu. “If the day after tomorrow of yesterday was Sunday, then what day would be the day before yesterday of tomorrow?” 5
Con Man CaiMao, ZhangYun, LiuBiao were playing Mahjong. There were 10 pairs of mahjong cards equal to 20 mahjong cards in total. 20 Mahjong cards were placed facedown on a table, turned 2 cards each time, if both cards are the same then the player continue, if different then the next player will start. CaiMao said: ”My highest score of consecutive turns were 10 times.” ZhangYun said: ”My highest score of consecutive turns were 9 times.”LiuBiao said: ”My highest score of consecutive turns were 8 times.” One person was lying, please guess which was the possible score to know who was lying. 9
Dragon Boats CaoCao sat on a double-decked dragon-boat to observe the soldiers. He asked General CaiMao and ZhangYun:“How many soldiers are on the dragon-boat?” CaiMao:“Deck one has 250 soldiers, the amount on deck two was 40% of deck one”.

Thus how many people were there on the Dragon-boat altogether?

Code of Order ZhuGeLiang was always strict when running the army. He prohibited soldiers from robbing and destroying properties of people. Disobedient soldier would be punished. One day, a cavalryman ran past a farmer's crops. The guards caught 4 suspects. Cavalryman 1:”Not me”. Cavalryman 2:”Cavalryman 1 spoke the truth”. Cavalryman 3:”Cavalryman 4 was lying”. Cavalryman 4:”Definitely not me”

In this group of four, one of them was suspicious and he was the perpetrator. Who was he?

Horse Selling GuanYu wanted to sell his horse, selling price was 12 bags of gold. Elite generals MaChao, HuangZhong, ZhangFei were interested to buy that horse.

MaChao:“If ZhangFei and I take out all our salary each month, 2 months later we have exactly enough gold.” HuangZhong:“I need 3 months combined salary with ZhangFei.” ZhangFei:”If you add both of your salaries, it will take you 6 months.” How many bags of gold did HuangZhong earn each month?

Password It was said that DongZhuo led an army to plunder ChangAn and LuoYang. He then hid the gold and jewellery in a secret treasure house of a mountain. A password is needed to open the door. The password was designed uniquely by DongZhuo using a string of alphabets as a riddle:”BHB=?”. However in the SanGuo era no one had learned english, therefore no one could crack the password up to these days.

It's a 2-digit number, could you guess it?