4001 Leather Armour Vitality+1
4002 Cane Armour Vitality+2
4003 Softwood Armour Vitality+3
4004 Bronze Armour Vitality+4
4005 Iron Armour Vitality+5
4006 Scale Armour Vitality+6
4007 Steel Armour Vitality+7, steel and iron.
4008 Hauberk Vitality+8, with iron hoop.
4009 Chest Protection Vitality+9, with chest guard.
4010 Silver Moon Vitality+10, shiny armour.
4011 Dragon Bone Vitality+11, made of dragon bones.
4012 Gold Lace Vitality+12, light and durable.
4013 Fish Scale Vitality+13, made of beast scale.
4014 Chain Armour Vitality+14, with iron hoop.
4015 Scale Armour II Vitality+15, made of green dragon's scale.
4016 Iron Armour II Vitality+16, made of fine steel.
4017 Steel Armour II Vitality+17, made of steel.
4018 Darksteel Armour Vitality+18, made of dark steel.
4019 Fortune Armour Vitality+19, made of unknown material.
4020 Scale Armour III Vitality+20, gold armour.
4021 Fury Armour Vitality+21, with demonic power.
4022 Sanguinary Armour Vitality+22, strengthened with valiant warrior blood.
4023 Mars Armour Vitality+23, magical stone left behind by NuWa.
4024 Kylin Armour Vitality+24, made of Kirin's scale.
4025 Phoenix Armour Vitality+25, made of phoenix's scale.
4026 Seven Star Armour Vitality+26, craved with seven shiny stars.
4027 Golden Armour Vitality+27, made of gold.
4028 Scale Armour IV Vitality+28, made of blue dragon's scale.
4029 Polaris Armour Vitality+29, used by demon lord.
4030 Dragon Armour Vitality+30, very precious in the demonic world.
4031 St.Dragon Armour Vitality+31, armour guarded by fairies.
4032 Holy Gold Armour Vitality+32, it was created even before the world came into existence.